Manatee Gray


Hello all!

I had a little weight loss break down today…Today was my first day back on the road to a healthier me. As explained in the “about me” section, last year I lost 50 pounds but gained it all back during my stressful last semester in nursing school. I know, no excuses..but when your studying to graduate and to pass NCLEX…fast food is the way to go smh. Anyway, today I fought temptation, which is great since the 1st three days are the hardest for me.

I’m a really competitive person…so I LIVE for beating people and proving people wrong. That’s how I did it last time. I’m doing it for the same reason this time lol but I’m also doing it for ME. Anyway 1 day down…two more to go and it’s on and poppin from there!

Why did I put the manatee?? I know everyone has heard the story of Target shipping out a plus size dress with the color “Manatee Gray” on the label. Well when I took my before pictures this morning…I sooo compared myself to a manatee…and I had on gray smh lol But I’m stickin to my guns. I GOT THIS!! Stay tuned!


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