Banter: Iyanla Fix My Life, DMX

So I watched this series called Iyanla Fix My Life. Everyone’s been talking about this Iyanla woman. She is apparently the queen of getting down to the root of personal issues; and she has been doing this with celebrities. Well this episode is about Earl Simmons aka DMX.

Now this interview features a very tearful DMX explaining to Iyanla why he feels he has gotten to his current state. And he goes on a rant about everything from feeling abandoned as a child, and losing his grandmother, to being addicted to drugs which started in his teenage years. Now he has a lot of breakdowns during this conversation but uhhhh I DON’T believe the tears.

The rest of the episode was pretty explosive as well…it includes an estranged wife (which by the way they have been married for 24 years 😐 )and son. His son is, thankfully, the COMPLETE opposite of him. His wife seems to be in a much better place than she was years ago when she and DMX were on a couple’s therapy show. But I’m still totally confused as to why these two are still legally married. His son, though, is a stand up guy. He is clearly hurt…and wants his father to know he’s hurt…but no matter what he says you can tell he wants some type of relationship with his father.

One of the best parts of the show to me was her discussing patterns and pathologies because I am a huge believer in it. We, especially when growing up, mock and reenact what we are surrounded by. Not intentionally…but we do. We have to watch what we do and say around the impressionable because at the end of the day…I don’t care who you are, SOMEBODY looks up to you. Be what you would want the world to be.

Anywho watch the episode, there’s more to it…but hey I have to leave something for you to look at lol

Smooches : *


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