Quickie: Bacon and Spinach Omelette

Good Morning y’all. I’ve got a quickie for you this morning. Dieting sucks when you are always eating the same thing. So I have to mix it up pretty often. Anyways this is a bacon and spinach omelette I made for…brunch. It’.s pretty easy.

Step 1: Cook and cut up your ingredients. I kept it really simple this morning…bacon and spinach



Step 2: Spray your pan with Pam (or use a nonstick pan). Crack those eggs to make a circle base. Spread it out and try not to tear it. Then top should still be runny/ Add seasoning to taste and then top with you filling ingredients



Step 4: While it starts cooking, kind of roll the edges to make sure they don’t stick. Now flip one side over onto the other and when it’s done cooking roll onto your plate. Done!!




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