420, OOTD

420 Outfit
I don’t partake in the festivities of 420, but for those who do, here is a nice little look to get around in. Flats for comfort, because I figure heels aren’t the best to walk in on this kind of day lol. Michael Kors…one day I’ll be able to afford you lol! Nice little accessories just to accentuate..nothing to bold and flashy. Just a little statement to show where you stand…or sit…or lay lol whatever!
Puff, Puff, Give : *

Acne sleeveless shirt
$265 – seasonsclothing.co.uk

9|15 slim fit pants

Flat shoes
$98 – pret-a-beaute.com

Michael michael kor
$360 – zalando.co.uk

Vintage charm

Pintaldi Maurizio gold rose ring
$88,515 – brownsfashion.com


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