OOTD: Code: Summer Time Fine


Hey y’all

    Ok so a couple of things! I have closed the RSVP for my housewarming and it’s time to put plans into action!! I’m so excited!! Anyway…The date is June 1st and I have a goal weight (which is a secret of course!) Anyway I’m working out with the famous trainer Kenya Crooks. He is the trainer of the stars. He is very prominent in the Atlanta area and is making a name for himself all over the nations. Anyway I started on April 17, and I’ve lost 13 lbs and I feel great!! That’s 13 lbs in 16 days (and those days include some “womanly” things going on) Check him out on Facebook. Just search “Kenya Crooks and the real results experience” Check out his plans. You can do one on one, groups, and online. It includes a meal plan. He is stationed in Atlanta and has group workout areas all over the metro Atlanta and even in South Carolina! So far I am a success story and he has a lot others on his page. He has a great personality, keeps you motivated, but also keeps you in check.  I’m trying to be “summer time fine”! and I’m getting there. I have 31 days to go and 37 pounds left to lose. I’m going to try my best to make it! Join me ladies and gentlemen! Contact him on Facebook and tell him Karyssa sent you!

    Ok so about this outfit. I’m going in today at the gym as soon as my boyfriend goes to work; and I’m workin this fit today! The shorts are good for hold your stomach in for the workout and they make my butt look good LOL! I have a high-compression sports bra because my boobs are kind of on the large side and I need some good support. Hair? Gonna be bunned up with a cute head scarf because no one wants to run with hair in their face. To round it up I have good running shoes and headphones to keep me amped up. Usually I watch Netflix on my phone when I’m at the gym. It gives me incentive to workout through a whole movie without watching the clock. If you work out with Kenya Crooks…you won’t need headphones lol

 So! What are you doing to get summer time fine??

$39 – nelly.com


Nike shoes



2 thoughts on “OOTD: Code: Summer Time Fine

  1. Hello, how are you?

    Want to join kenya crooks and have couple of questions for you…

    Was his workouts intense
    How was his protein shakes? Did u mix it into smoothies?

    Did you strictly follow his plan?

    • Hi! I did not use the shakes but I strictly followed his plan. The workouts are intense in the beginning to me because I was so out of shape. But it gets better.

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