Summer Time Sand Cups

These Teddy Graham bears are having fun on the vanilla pudding and vanilla wafer beach.

Isn’t this just adorable!!! Here’s how to make them:


  • 3 packages Jell-o brand gelatin, Berry Blue
  • 1 pagkage Jell-o brand instant pudding, French vanilla
  • 1 cup milk, for pudding
  • 1 box Vanilla Wafers, finely crushed
  • gummy sea animals, fish,sharks, etc.
  • peppermint candies, round
  • 1 container Cool Whip


Prepare three packages of Berry Blue Jell-o according to directions. Pour plastic dessert cups 2/3 full and refrigerate to set.

Fill clear plastic cups 2/3 full with Berry Blue Jello


Half-way until set insert the gummy sea animals into the Jell-o.

Before Jell-o sets, add gummy fish, sharks or ocean animals.

Prepare the instant pudding with the milk according to directions on package.

Use one package of instant vanilla pudding mix. Stir in 3/4 box vanilla wafer crumbs.


Place 3/4 box vanilla wafers in a large Zip-lock bag and finely crush with a rolling pin.

Crush vanilla wafers in large Zip-lock bag with a rolling pin.

When the Jell-o has firmly set (about 4 hours) remove from the fridge. Spread a thin layer of Cool Whip on the “ocean” to be the sea foam

A layer of Cool Whip is the ocean foan.

Mix 3/4 box of crumbs into the pudding along with half of the container of Cool Whip. Carefully spread the pudding and wafer crumb mixture on top using a rubber spatula.

Stir vanilla wafer crumbs in the vanilla pudding.


Finely crush the remaining 1/4 box of vanilla wafers and sprinkle on top. Then add a stick of Fruit Stripe gum for a “beach towel”, round peppermint for a “beach ball”, a few Teddy Grahams on top and a “beach umbrella.”

These Teddy Graham bears are having fun on the vanilla pudding and vanilla wafer beach.









3 thoughts on “Summer Time Sand Cups

  1. Ok, seriously, this makes me want a pool day and this delicious snack! It reminds me of snacks from childhood!! I would totally put alcohol in the jello to make this more adult fun! 🙂 Such a good idea.

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