Plus Size Swim Wear

Alright ya’ll!

It’s getting hot and it’s time to start heading to the beach. I know other sexy plus sizers like me have a hard time staying sexy when all we can find is frumpy swimwear. Like seriously, do retailers think that all plus size people are old blimp sized women?? Anyway I’m always on the look out for what’s hot and I’ve found some HAWT options. Halters and high waist briefs are in!! Check em out!


1. Rue 107

This site is great for the plus size girls like myself who are “thick”…meaning you have more mass and curves but not many lumps (for lack of a better term). They have a lot of form fitting clothes and body cons. Their swimwear collection is fab! The prices run between $20-$100 per piece


swim 3SWIM 1 swim 2

2. Monif C Swimwear

This site is hot. I follow this lovely lady on Instagram and she has made her own business. Her pieces can be on the pricier side but seem to be worth it. Prices range in the $50s range for 2 pieces (per piece) and in the higher $100s for one pieces

swim 6 swim 4 swim 5



3. Forever 21

Last but not least, there’s Forever 21. They, not to long ago joined the plus size realm! And let me tell you…CUTENESS. I’ so excited to get my swimsuit! And the prices are MUCH easier to deal with! Prices range from $24-$27 for the whole 2 piece!

swim 9 swim 7 swim 8


So ladies…there’s no reason to look, frumpy, pudgy, or like a beach whale in some ugly walmart blue!! Find a swim suit that compliments your beautiful body! Which one is your favorite??




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