Trends: Stacked Bracelets and Mid Rings

Stacked Bracelets:

I like this trend. But the thing is some people get a little to carried away with it. 1 watch, a couple bangles, and maybe a unique bracelet will do. But I’ve noticed some have taken this trend to a whole other level. If you can’t bend your arm…you may have over done it LOL! And I would try to stick to a color scheme. Wearing the whole ROYGBIV isn’t cute to me.


 photo tumblr_mmgkqaD0Ne1r7ldyqo1_500_zpsab2514c7.jpg


Mid Rings:

Ok so this trend is a little tricky. It all depends on what kind of fingers you have. In the picture above I think it looks PERFECT! But on my chubby fingers…it’ll look like I just got a ring two sizes too small and I couldn’t push it all the way down LOL!


What’s your take on these trends?? Yay or Nay



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