10 Commandments of Weight Loss

Weight loss tips


I really believe that if you follow these 10 tips that you will at the LEAST have a great success story. When I’m doing things the way I’m supposed to, I follow all of these without even realizing it!!

1. Being healthy is not a short time trend! It’s something that you are changing to better your life. So don’t let it be a short term thing. Make changes that you can stick with for a lifetime. For example, you may not want to completely stop drinking sodas…but maybe you could limit yourself to two sodas a week.

2. If your living is structured, losing weight is much easier. I eat breakfast and exercise first thing in the morning (otherwise it wouldn’t get done LOL). By the time I get back home and take a hot bath, it’s time for lunch. I snack maybe an hour or two later…but when I snack I start cooking dinner (if it’s a oven type meal). I eat dinner around 6 or 7. I DO NOT EAT PAST 7!!! Don’t leave anything for your stomach to start working on when your head hits the pillow.

3. Portion Control is everything….except when eating certain things. And those are things I try to eat a lot of. Veggies such as cucumber, carrots, pickles…you can snack on those all the time as much as you won’t and for the most part it will not affect your weight. What affects your weight is when you dip those foods in stuff like ranch!

4. Now…let me tell you this. Along with being plus sized…I am cheap. I ain’t leaving NO food on my plate LOL. My trade off for this is I eat off of small plates. It’s a mind thing. If you fill a small plate with food, when you are finished, your brain will think you are full because there is nothing left on your plate.

5. DON”T DEPRIVE YOURSELF!!! If you want it…eat it! (Within limits off course) Just learn to have trade offs. If you want something sweet…eat fruit. But if yo feel like you just gotta have ice cream…eat some frozen fruit. And if that STILL doesn’t work..then damn it have ONE cup of sugar free ice cream

6,7, & 8 This step really is what keeps me going through the day. Don’t eat little skimpy fast meals. Cook your food, put it on a nice plate, fix a drink, sit down and enjoy your food. This makes you feel full and satisfied. When your moving fast…your brain can’t keep up. Sloooowwwww Dooooowwwwn

9. Exercise!!!! Diet is only half of the battle. Get moving. At least 4 times a week.

10. Sleep. Speaking from experience…none of the above will work if you don’t get rest. If your body is working hard to keep you away and moving…how is it going to work on keeping your metabolism up to fight the fat! It’s simple.


I hope this helps!




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