Inside Out Oreo Balls

To make these, you’ll need: Oreos, White Chocolate, and Cream Cheese

(you can also get a few plain choclate chips if you want to add drizzle at the end)

Crush up your Oreo cookies very fine, filling and all.


You can use a food processor/blender or you can put the oreos in a ziploc bag and crush them with a mallet or rolling pin

You will then add your softened cream cheese to the crushed cookies. 


Roll Oreo into balls and then place in the refrigerator. 


While the balls are in the fridge, melt the chocolate

Place a glass bowl (or a smaller pot) on top of a pot with some water in the bottom pan. Keep it on about medium heat to keep it from scorching.

Melt chocolate and coat the balls

UntitledUse two forks, spoon, or chopsticks to do this. Or heck, use whatever gets the job done!

Drizzle with milk chocolate then place in the refrigerator

Let the balls sit in the fridge until the chocolate has set or has hardened a bit and then ENJOY!!





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