Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin
   So, the verdict is in, George Zimmerman has been found NOT GUILTY by the jury. I can’t even begin to describe how I feel. Forget all the racial things that have been through into the mix…the fact of the matter is a child is dead. And no one has to pay the price of that. Not even a week will be served in jail time, only a slap on the wrist. He will get his gun back. He will be able to return to his family and friends. It’s almost like saying murder is okay. It all made me fill a certain kind of way about bringing black boys into this world in the future.  SMH. At the end of the day I’ve come to terms with it in my own way. He is not guilty (by Florida law)….but he is not innocent either. One day he will pay for his actions…but no one on this earth will be deciding his fate.
   An interesting post was on my Facebook timeline. A young man went on to say that Zimmerman killed a black man and now for the rest of his life, he will know what it feels like to live as a black man in America. He will feel people stare at him, judging him for what he feels are unfair reasons. He will lose out on getting jobs for something he feels is out of his control. He will believe he is an outstanding citizen and wonder why people choose not to feel the same. People will cross the street when they see him coming. They will call him names. It will drive hims so insane that some days he will want to scream at the top of his lungs…but he will have to wake up the next day, put on a firm look, and push through life. I bet he never thought that by taking a black man’s life that he’d end up inheriting all of a black man’s struggles. Enjoy your “freedom” Mr. Zimmerman.
   With all this being said. I pray for all parties involved. Because of Georgie’s actions, his parents cannot live in a home for more than 6 months, his family and friends receive death threats on a daily basis, a young man is  no longer with us, and a country is once again divided.
   I urge everyone to move forward. Because we cannot begin to heal if we continue to look back. Forgive him. Because he who angers you controls you. But NEVER FORGET! We can not expect a change to occur if we don’t become the change! Especially in the African American community. July 13th will always be marked as a day of injustice in America. We as a nation must come together.

I made this outfit and the accessorizes today in honor of young Trayvon Martin. May the travesty and injustice you died from never happen to another human again. The sad thing is…we all know an action like this will inevitably reoccur. Kiss your loved ones, tell them you love the…stay peaceful, stay prayerful, be encouraged!

H&M slim leg jeans
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Black leather shoes
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Lanvin handle bag

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