Majestic Medical Touch Spa Review


Okay so yesterday, my boyfriend and I got a Couple’s Spa Day at Majestic Medical Touch Spa. They are located in Roswell, Ga about 15 minutes outside of Atlanta. Here is my review.

The package: Couples 1 hour massage, couples 1 hour facial, couples 1 hour manicure or pedicure (we chose the pedicure)

-Pros: My massage was great. Jimmy did my massage. I carry A LOT of tension in my neck and shoulders. Today my shoulders feel so limp…it’s amazing!! It’s like all the tension is gone. Also, he always made sure that I was comfortable and that I was appropriately covered.
-Cons: The massage wasn’t a couple’s massage. I had my massage while my boyfriend was having his pedicure

-Pros: Jimmy did my facial as well. He was very attentive to my face. Today is day two and my face still feels much softer than usual. He put on a couple of masks, moisturizer, picked some filaments off of my nose. And his steamer is heavenly!!
-Cons: I like to know when someone is about to do something to my face. Sometimes he would do something to my face that I wasn’t ready for lol for example he put a towel that was hot as HELL on my face with no warning!

-Pros: I can’t remember her name…but the girl was nice and had good conversation and my toes look great! She did a foot soak, sugar scrub, and polish
-Cons: The pedicure was a bit short. There was no jet foot bath or massage chair that you may be used to. And there was none of the extra things that you get when you go to a nail salon for a pedicure (like a leg massage or hot towels).

All in all I enjoyed the experience. My boyfriend was absolutely thrilled about it all. All he kept saying was how relaxed and rejuvenated he felt! I definitely recommend them.
4 out of 5 stars


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