Weight loss journey: Check in #3

Good morning you guys. Got on the scale this morning. I’ve lost 1.2 lbs since yesterday! Victory.

As you all know it’s hard to diet when you are living with a significant other who isn’t doing the same. So I have to do a little compromising sometimes to make our meals work for both of us (cause I’m not cooking two meals LOL) So dinner yesterday was crockpot turkey (with onion, peppers and cream of mushroom DOH!), greens, and sweet potato. The cream of mushroom is kind of pushing it when it comes to the paleo diet but hey.

In the gym…I kinda of half did it. I was so sore but I still got it in. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill

Also yesterday my boyfriend and I went to HMart for the first time (actually it was a Super HMart) we got plenty of cheap fruit and vegetables. Very interesting place!! And of course I had to try one two Korean cookies.

Considering all these things…1.2 lbs lost is a huge victory!!

This was me yesterday


Found an old dress that I never really cared for because of how it fit. But it was perfect yesterday! As for my hair ladys…I twisted my hair im the front (the same way you’d do a cornrow) and then put on one of my old half wigs. I may do a video on another day!

Have a fantastic day you guys!!



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