Weight loss journey: Check in #4

Hey ya’ll!!

So okay as stated before my weekly goal is 4 pounds…I lost another pound today…so as of today (Thursday) I’ve lost 5 pounds!! I’m so proud of myself!

One thing I’ve changed this time is, usually when I’m on a diet, I’m super strict. But I noticed when I finished with the diet, I binged on all the foods I couldn’t eat for weeks! This time I’m a teeny weeny bit more lenient. Like yesterday I still worked out but I had somewhat of a “cheat day” I had a piece of fried fish. But because of how I’ve been eating…I was so full after that. With that being said..don’t go losing all self control on your cheat day. Just do a little something to ease the cravings and make the diet a little more realistic.

I had to giggle at this picture my boyfriend sent me. Because when we go in the store…”diet” just doesn’t seem to click right with him. He’ll be like “Let’s get this chocolate cake, it’s made with whole grain…that’s good for you right?” LOL but it’s STILL chocolate cake!!! Love that guy to pieces!! LOL




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