Skillet Chicken Divan (Dairy-Free)

I can’t wait to try this next week!!

Popular Paleo

Classic casserole material is coming your way. Ever heard of Chicken Divan? It’s a pretty straight forward casserole of chicken and broccoli that has made its fair share of appearances at potlucks everywhere. In addition to being a creamy, cheesy concoction, it is uniquely seasoned with curry powder (and sometimes sherry vinegar). Sounds kinda strange to add curry to this, but when it comes together in one creamy bite, you’ll understand why this casserole has been around so long. It was one of my pre-Paleo favorites.

We’re gonna mimic the cream-of-somethingrather soup and cheddar cheese by soaking and pureeing cashews. Vegans do this all the time, since they too avoid dairy. And instead of topping our casserole with buttered breadcrumbs, I’m using flaxseed meal. Who doesn’t love a little Omega-3’s slipped into their dinner? Well, I mean, unless you’re talking about a squeeze of fish oil… Let’s stick to flax!

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