Weight loss journey: Check in #8


Did I mention that the plank move is impossible for me LOL

Ughhhh!! Does not even sum ip my frustration. But it’s not a compete fail yet…hear me out

This past week I only lost 2 pounds…and to that I say WTF!!??

I’ve stuck to the rules of paleo. I’ve worked out more times this week than I ever have. I worked out at a pretty high intensity. So pretty much I’ve done everything I was supposed to do! All for what, 2 pounds?? As far as I was concerned this diet was OVER!

As you all know..my biggest motivation to keep going forward is results and being held accountable. So, after a few disapproving looks from my boyfriend and a conversation…I did not stop. Wtbs I’ve looked at pictures I’ve taken periodically and comparing them, and it’s apparent that I’m losing weight. I believe that I’m also putting on muscle though…which would explain the whole 2 pounds thing

Our concert is this weekend and I’m so excited! I don’t plan on strictly sticking to my diet…but don’t worry Ray (my bf) will be there to stop any crazy eating dead in it’s tracks LOL


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