Weight loss journey: Check in #9

You guys!!!

This is my WTH face

Idk what to do….I’m so confused. When I work my butt off in the gym and follow my diet to a T…I barely lose weight if I lose any weight at all. But when I “cheat” I lose at least a pound a day.

I def gained weight on my trip. I gained about 5 pounds. But I think I can blame all those pounds on the alcohol. Since we’ve returned on Monday night (so since Tuesday) I’ve lost 3.6 lbs. But since we’ve come back I haven’t been strict on the diet! For example, yesterday I ate like I normally would. I went to Whole Foods and got chicken, potatoes, and cabbage. I drank water. I also got a ginger cookie. I didn’t work out yesterday…so I thought I surely wouldn’t lose weight after eating that cookie. But I did! In the cookie’s defense it was made with whole wheat flour and I believe molasses instead of white flour and sugar.

Last night I did a lot of research about weight watchers. But after this morning’s weigh in…I’m going to stick with the caveman diet. But as soon as I stop losing weight I’m switching.


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