Weight loss journey: Check in #10

Hi folks,


Just coming to you guys to say my diet plan now is to just do my own thing. I’ve been restricting myself to certain things and I haven’t been losing weight. Since last Tuesday I’ve been doing this “doing my own thing” diet. I’ve lost 6 pounds.

Now I’m still sticking to mostly meats fruits and veggies. But I’m adding a few healthier carbs and I’m eating breakfast (which I don’t do). My breakfast has lately consisted of eggs, bacon, and a Light and Fit yogurt. I may have a small snack between breakfast and dinner…but usually I eat breakfast late, around 10 and dinner around 4ish. Then I usually don’t want anything but something sweet around 7 or 8. For that I’ve been eating these Kroger brand sugar free popsicles. They are only 25 calories. So far so good!


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