Weight loss journey: Check in #11


Hey ya’ll

Just checking in with you guys.

This week I have lost 7.7 lbs this month by just doing my own thing. My diet has been consisting of mostly meats fruits and vegetables. But I also eat healthier carbs as well. For example, I eat light yogurt with breakfast and i’ll eat an all natural cookie every now and then. Also I eat sugar free Kroger brand ice pops (they’re only 25 calories). I haven’t worked out nearly as much as I was because on days I workout I tend to lose less weight, crazy I know.

Recently I have decided that next year I will be joining the Air Force as a nurse. So by June I have to meet the weight requirements along with the physical requirements. That includes: Run (1.5 miles) in 14 minutes 21 seconds, 27 Push-Ups (1 minute),  50 Sit-Ups (1 minute), and 0 Pull-Ups (no time limit. This is going to be a challenge! But I’m always up for a challege.



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