Dieting When You’re Friends and Family Aren’t


   Let’s face it…you can’t make everyone around you diet. Shoot some people around you don’t even need to diet. But wouldn’t it be great if they did??? Well snap back into reality cause it just ain’t gonna happen.

   I’ve done my fair share of dieting..and when I’m going strong and seeing the weight fall off, I’m hardcore and nothing can stop me. But in the beginning stages, it’s very easy to fall off track. Especially when you have friends and family around you indulging. And what makes it worse is, they support you and don’t realize what they are doing. My boyfriend wants to go out to eat or go out to do things that are heavily linked with eating. And when I go over to my my sister’s house she cooks some of the tastiest dishes, especially dessert. Damn you Pinterest. At work everyday it’s “where are we going for lunch” or bags of sweet salty who knows what all over the break room.

   With that being said…I’m all about self accountability. And at the end of the day, what you put in your mouth is YOUR decision. You can not blame that on anyone else. So I had to look into ways to keep from putting myself in these types of situations. This is what I came up with.

   A lot of times when you’re out, all your friends know you’re dieting and either they don’t care or they don’t think that what you do on one night could possibly ruin your diet. Wrong. If you skip on what everybody else is doing, then you’ll get the negative comments about how you’re starving yourself and blah blah blah. So what you can do is, even they pass the dessert around, take a small bite. That way you have a little harmless indulgence and everybody will shut the heck up about it. Win Win or you can excuse yourself from the table around dessert time.

   When you go clubbing with friends food and alcohol are very much involved. If you eat, choose protein like grilled chicken wings. If you drink, skip the alcohol and ask for water or a 100% juice like pineapple or cranberry.

   When you go to family members houses and they cook things that aren’t so much on your diet, this is even self control really comes into play. Portion control is key! Make a plate that is half veggies, a quarter meat and quarter starch (potatoes, corn). And if you know what they are cooking ahead of time, ask them to use whole grain products. You can bring your own dressing. And when you’re at the dinner table, talk. Talking slows down your eating and gives your brain time to catch up and say “Hey I’m full”. And also you have some quality time spent together.

   As far as the non dieting spouse goes…they are a little easier because they should be a little more understanding. If they love you and care about you’re health they may still ask for unhealthy things..but will understand when you say no. If he or she seems jealous of you losing weight or makes comments about you trying to look better to find someone else….you my dear have a control freak. Leave that sucker!

I know it’s not a lot, but maybe these couple of tips will help someone.


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