Eat Healthy for $36 a Week

Ok you guys, you know I’m…what shall I call it? I’m frugal. And it’s sort of hard to be frugal when you are trying to get fit. (And we wonder why America is fat!! It’s cheap to be fat! I can get 2 bags of chips for the price of 1 organic apple!!! AHHHH!! Ok…off of my soap box) So here’s a cheap week long menu for you. You’re welcome ; )



    • Breakfast: A baked apple with four ounces of plain grits and cinnamon; eight ounces of milk
      Cost: $2.18
    • Lunch: Cannellini bean salad; pumpkin/apple muffin; green smoothie
      Cost: 93 cents
    • Dinner: Salmon burger on 100 percent whole wheat Arnold thin with steamed broccoli
      Can sub another frozen burger, such as turkey
      Cost: $1.90
    • Snack: Seasonal fruit cup Cost: $1.00




  • Breakfast: A cup of plain, fat-free yogurt with walnuts and frozen blueberries (thawed and pureed)
    Cost: $1.77
  • Lunch: Egg white frittata with your choice of frozen vegetables; 100 percent whole grain toast
    Cost: $1.11
  • Dinner: Lentils with brown rice with frozen spinach and fresh carrots
    Cost: $2.00
  • Snack: An ounce of unsalted peanuts, with an ounce of raisins
    Cost: 19 cents



  • Breakfast: Egg whites and frozen spinach scramble with 100 percent whole wheat toast; orange juice
    Cost: $1.11
  • Lunch: Frozen broccoli/leek soup; quinoa with mixed frozen vegetables
    Cost: $1.50
  • Dinner: One half cup Sloppy Jim’s with one cup 100 percent whole wheat pasta; cut apple
    Cost: $2.33
  • Snack: 100 percent whole wheat crackers with one tablespoon of natural peanut butter
    Cost: 90 cents



  • Breakfast: One half cup of oatmeal or whole grain cereal, with one cup skim milk and an ounce of raisins
    Cost: 74 cents
  • Lunch: Quinoa with your choice of vegetables in a whole wheat wrap; frozen berries
    Cost: 97 cents
  • Dinner: Black bean burger on whole wheat Arnold thin with frozen mixed fruit salad
    Cost: $1.22
  • Snack: Homemade hummus with red pepper sticks
    Cost: $1.22



  • Breakfast: Grilled peanut butter and banana, with frozen mixed berries
    Cost: $1.25
  • Lunch: Four ounces of grilled chicken breast atop two cups of fresh spinach
    Cost: $2.50
  • Dinner: Frozen mahi mahi with baked potato; fat free yogurt; green beans
    Can sub any burger
  • Snack: String cheese; handful of dried apricots
    Cost: $1.32



  • Breakfast: A cup of whole grain cereal with one cup of skim milk and cut strawberries
    Cost: 70 cents
  • Lunch: Whole grain wrap with fat free refried beans, canned salsa and lettuce
    Cost: $1.10
  • Dinner: A cup of black beans and one half cup of brown rice; four ounces of frozen chicken breast
    Cost: $1.63
  • Snack: Baked sweet potato kale chips
    Cost: $1.00



  • Breakfast: Hard boiled egg sliced; two slices of whole grain toast; fresh apple
    Cost: $1.46
  • Lunch: Whole wheat pita with canned salmon, one tablespoon olive oil and vinegar, plus cut celery
    Cost: $2.00
  • Dinner: Fat free tuna burgers on whole wheat Arnold thin with sweet potato fries and frozen broccoli
    Can sub any burger
    Cost: $1.67
  • Snack: Air popped popcorn with one ounce of almonds
    Cost: 40 cents

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