Why I’ve failed at losing weight (and keeping it off)

Hey there!!

So this post is going to be filled with reasons and problems I have with losing weight lately. If you are one of those people who thinks valid reasons are actually excuses to not do something….this post ain’t for you! Because these aren’t excuses! These are real problems that I face on a daily basis. Anyway….

I was reading an article about food addiction and self control and it asked the reader questions…3 of which struck a nerve with me.

“1. Are you making poor food choices during moments when your willpower tank is low?”

This is often a problem for me. After working a 12 hour shift as a nurse on a trauma unit…my will power is pretty damn low when I get home. I don’t care about making good choices as much as I care about eating anything…RIGHT NOW! Lol The article suggests that at these times you should have your environment set up so that you have to make a good choice. If there are nothing but good healthy foods available in my kitchen when I get home…it lowers the chance of me picking something awful. My problem with this?? I’m not the only one in my household…so I can’t have only the foods I need to eat in my home. Good thought though…

“2. Did you binge because you got too hungry?”

Uh yeahhhhh! Everybody knows the shaky feeling of their sugar getting low because they waited to long to eat. When that happens to me…I go into panic/binge mode!

“3. Is having “forbidden foods” causing you to binge?”

This is my BIGGEST problem. Because when I’m dieting I don’t allow myself to have certain things. According to the article there are two types of restricting that lead to bingeing: physiological restricting (restricting calories) and psychological restruction (forbidding certain foods). For example: imagine that if you were only allowed to eat orange foods. You would soon develop intense cravings for foods that aren’t orange. Simply because you have told yourself you can’t have them. The article suggests eating the “can’t have” foods in moderation when you aren’t at risk of overeating. So have a little ice cream after your dinner…not when you are starving because if you are starving….you won’t eat JUST a little ice cream.

All of these suggestions from the article are nice…but it still takes some strength and motivation on your end. Encourage yourself!



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