Dinner under 500 Calories: Pork Loin Over Feta and Spinach & Baked Apples

Hey ya’ll!

So I decided to get a little creative tonight with dinner….which is so hard for me with healthy only restrictions lol smh

Pork Loin
I left out the loin until it was room temperature. I’m an “as you go” kind of cooker so I’ll try to explain things. I covered then in olive oil and seasoned to my liking with garlic salt, onion powder, seasoning salt and italian seasoning (from Kroger). I browned one side with the oven on 6. Then flipped them over on the other side and turned the oven down to 4 and let them cook for about 3 Beyonce songs (LOL) so about 15 minutes. As they cooked I poured in chicken broth (just enough for the bottom of the pan) and then I poured a little Italian dressing over them. They were so tender and juicy.

Feta Spinach
This was super easy. Cut and put in a skillet on medium until the spinach wilt. Add a little salt and pepper to taste. Remember to cut up double the amount you think you will need because they do shrivel down ALOT! Put on your plate and top with Sundried tomato and basil feta (from Kroger)

Baked Apples
Cut apple in slices and but in a small pan. Add a little apple juice just to cover the bottom of the pan.


Top apples with cinnamon and nutmeg. Bake @ 400° for 1 hour, covered. *Note: The peel is the most nutritious part of an apple…but I didn’t like the peel baked…I suggest taking the peel off before cooking

Pork Loin 211 calories
Spinach 7 calories
Feta 80 calories
Baked apples 160 calories

Total: 458 calories!!!
Awesome for dinner and I’m stuffed!
Compare that to a Whopper with cheese (no sides) at 760 calories!!!


Bon appetit!!


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