Super Shred: Week 1 Day 2

Hey ya’ll!

It’s day 2!!!!! Day one was kind of rough…I’m not even going to lie. But it was a mind thing. At the end of the night I tend to get snacky…but I didn’t want to mess up a whole day of good eating! So I ate my dinner, had a nice hot bath, and went to bed (hey if you’re sleeping, you’re not eating lol)

Today is a lot easier


Breakfast: orange, two whole grain waffles (it says pancakes, but same thing), one slice of bacon, a little syrup and water and green tea.
Snack 1: Quaker s’mores granola bar
Snack 2: Kroger caramel mini rice cakes
Meal 2: chicken noodle soup and milk
Meal 3: Big salad with grilled chicken and fat free dressing

And you have to drink a cup of water before every meal….oh yea and green tea is disgusting!


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