Almond/Cashew Crusted Dijon Mahi Mahi

So I’ve been eating a lot healthier….but I needed to add some crunch to my life lol so I put a twist on my favorite fish, Mahi Mahi.

Grind some of your favorite nuts (pecans, almonds, or cashews) in a blender or food processor. Don’t over do it though…you aren’t trying to make peanut butter.


Get some pretty planks of mahi mahi


Season them to taste. I prefer garlic herb or lemon pepper seasoning.


Slather the fish in dijon mustard. Or for a healthier choice (which I chose) use Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard yogurt dressing.


Coat the fish in the nuts.


Put a little olive oil in a pan (just enough to coat the bottom of the pan.) Cook fish until a crust forms. It should be brown but not burnt.


Bon appetit!! Yummy!!



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