Weight loss journey: Check in #13

Hi you guys!

I come to you today with my head held low : ( I have fallen off of the weight loss wagon. Since my boyfriend’s surprise party (October 25), I haven’t really gone to the gym much or eaten like I’m supposed to.

In my defense…a lot has happened! We celebrated Ray’s birthday! I got my first job as a working nurse, and I’m at a major Atlanta hospital (YIPEEEEEE)!!! And let’s not even talk about all this holiday eating I’ve been doing!! Egg nog and all LOL.

Anyway…I’m trying to renew my commitment. I’m working today but when I’m off tomorrow I’m doing some grocery shopping and I’m getting back on track. I refuse to look anything but fabulous in my swim suit next summer! The good news is I haven’t gained back everything I loss.

Anyway. Break time is over! Back to my patients! See ya!