JJ Smith’s 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Hello all!

So June 8th I started JJ Smith’s 10 day Green Smoothie Cleanse. It’s a cleanse that focuses on what all cleanses focus on….cleaning out all the toxins. Your day consists of drinking a homemade smoothie (usually spinach based with fruit) and snacking inbetween on fresh fruit and veggies. I downloaded her book off of Amazon.  It was a little rough day one….but after that, I had so much energy, my face cleared up and the inches were coming off. In the 10 days I lost 11 lbs but the difference I noticed was in my waistline. 
I took the before pics(at the top) June 8th and the after pics this morning. I have lost a total of 11 lbs with no gym! I didn’t measure myself but the proof is in the pictures! I will start round two after a 5 day break with just clean eating.