Plus Size IG Fashion: 3rd edition





I have the exact same dress from Forever 21 and I only wish I could wear it with confidence like she does!

Osha Waiters




This chick! I know it’s Sunday but she’s my #WCW. Her body is almost exactly the way I want mine to be.





Wherever she is….I need to visit! I love her style!

As usual, you can click on these lovely ladies names to go to their Instagram


Some Plus Size Fashion Inspiration #11 (New Orleans Edition)

Hey ya’ll!
It’s almost time for Mardi Gras!!!!
I’ve gotta get my New Orleans wardrobe up to par. I’ve got places to go! Everywhere from sleazy bars, to upscale elegant parties, to my boyfriend’s parents’ house. Here’s my inspiration (and possible buys) so far.


Love this dress from Fashion to Figure! If I can just bring the bottom hem in a little oooo weee! I’ll be smokin hot!


Oooooo chiiiild! This dress is hot! And this Russian model, Juliya, is workin it! This would be perfect for one of my fancy dinners!


Love this color fiasco for lunch and shopping..but in New Orleans I’ll def be wearing flats!

Some Plus Size Fashion Inspiration #10


I LOVE this top

I LOVE this top! I don’t know if I have enough butt to make it work like she did though LOL

Nadia Aboulhosn is in my top for fave models. And I love this!

Lounge wear with a touch of sophistication!

I’m digging the whole high waist trend. And this really works!

I don’t care for the makeup…but I love the look!

If you like any of these looks, just click the picture and it will take you to that person’s personal page. Usually you can find where they got their clothes from their!




Some Plus Size Fashion Inspiration #9: Fashion to Figure

Ok so there’s this site called Fashion to Figure. It’s a site with trendy plus sized clothing!

They have never been all that great to me but lately they have stepped their game UP!!

Anyway here’s what the new collection looks like

Feline By Me Animal Cutout Dress Fashion to Figure

Sahara Heat Animal Print Dress Fashion to Figure


Beneath My Wings Open Drape Jacket


All Circuits Firing Open Cardigan

City Block Blouse


That last look…I want it and I want it NOW!! LOL