Runner’s Problems…Something I thought I’d never have


So you guys know I started running about 3 weeks ago, and I started running outside about two weeks ago. I’ve told you guys how I feel about it…but it’s getting better. Except for one problem….BUTT PAIN.

I’ve been having a shooting pain in my butt cheeks when I go from sitting to standing. This didn’t start until after I started running. It almost feels like when a limb “falls asleep” and when the circulation comes back you feel a quick pain. After discussing it with a couple of friends I’m almost sure it’s sciatic pain. So I may need to go to a chiropracter. Now I can really say that running has been a pain in my ass (*slaps knee* I crack myself up)

Anyway I wanted to share because I didn’t know if any runners out there had the same experience; And to say…I’m kinda sucking, but I’m still doing it! What’s you’re excuse??


Thanks for everyone’s support!!!


One thought on “Runner’s Problems…Something I thought I’d never have

  1. LOL, you don’t suck, girl! There are LOTS of things that will ache and change and feel funky as you start running. Your legs will be wonky (especially if you aren’t in the ‘right’ shoes) and your whole body will be sore until it becomes second nature when you practice enough.
    Amen, you are out there doing it and that’s damn wonderful. 🙂 Go lady!

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