JJ Smith’s 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Round 2


Happy Monday everyone!!

Just like last time…I am hesitant to post pics…but I am..and I’m hoping it will inspire someone else.

I just finished round two of the green smoothie cleanse. In the 20 days (took a week break in between the two rounds and am being followed by my doctor) I have lost 18 lbs!!!!! Go me! Go me!

My boyfriend joined me this time and I don’t know how much he has lost yet but he looks noticeably different.

I have to say this cleanse has really changed the way I view what I eat. Since my journey has begun, my blood pressure is down from 130/98 to 110/79. I’m a nurse and I’m on my feet all day and I have noticed a big change in the way I feel after a long day. No more pain!
Again I have to thank my coworker Sandra for inspiring me to try this cleanse; JJ Smith for sharing this wonderful wisdom with me; my family and friends who have supported me every step of the way; and all of YOU on this page that encourage me and inspire me everyday!!

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Runner’s Problems…Something I thought I’d never have


So you guys know I started running about 3 weeks ago, and I started running outside about two weeks ago. I’ve told you guys how I feel about it…but it’s getting better. Except for one problem….BUTT PAIN.

I’ve been having a shooting pain in my butt cheeks when I go from sitting to standing. This didn’t start until after I started running. It almost feels like when a limb “falls asleep” and when the circulation comes back you feel a quick pain. After discussing it with a couple of friends I’m almost sure it’s sciatic pain. So I may need to go to a chiropracter. Now I can really say that running has been a pain in my ass (*slaps knee* I crack myself up)

Anyway I wanted to share because I didn’t know if any runners out there had the same experience; And to say…I’m kinda sucking, but I’m still doing it! What’s you’re excuse??


Thanks for everyone’s support!!!

Weight Loss Milestone!!!


Happy Thursday!!!
I have some pretty great news!!! When I started this weight loss journey I had 75 pounds to lose in order to meet the Air Force weight requirements. As of yesterday I have 50 pounds to lose! That’s right folks. 25 pounds gone!!

No fancy diet, or prepackaged meals or trainer. All me! I have a long way to go but I’m already 1/3 of the way. So I can’t stop now.

Running has started to get a little easier, but I still can’t run nonstop. Slowly but surely I’ll achieve my goals!

New Goal to start my New Life


Hey ya’ll,

So as I have mentioned in previous posts…I’m considering (strongly, like my mind is made up) joining the Air Force as an Officer. I want to take my nursing career to another level. But with the decision, comes much responsibility. Like the fact that I have to lose 50 pounds!!!! Gahhhhh!!!!

My goal is to hit my goal by Christmas. My weight loss has been decent and I’ve started running…but I could use any help I can get. Any military or athletic people in general have any tips on getting the weight off and getting into shape??


Thanks a Bunch,



Weight loss journey: Check in #10

Hi folks,


Just coming to you guys to say my diet plan now is to just do my own thing. I’ve been restricting myself to certain things and I haven’t been losing weight. Since last Tuesday I’ve been doing this “doing my own thing” diet. I’ve lost 6 pounds.

Now I’m still sticking to mostly meats fruits and veggies. But I’m adding a few healthier carbs and I’m eating breakfast (which I don’t do). My breakfast has lately consisted of eggs, bacon, and a Light and Fit yogurt. I may have a small snack between breakfast and dinner…but usually I eat breakfast late, around 10 and dinner around 4ish. Then I usually don’t want anything but something sweet around 7 or 8. For that I’ve been eating these Kroger brand sugar free popsicles. They are only 25 calories. So far so good!

Weight loss journey: Check in #6



Hey ya’ll!!! Today starts week two! And as always the goal is 4 pounds. Since last Monday I’ve lost 7.6 pounds!!!! I’m so proud of myself!!!

Now I’ve had some moments where I was like “Karyssa, if you would’ve strictly done this diet and worked out everyday you could have lost 11 or 12 pounds” But I am not listening to that voice because I feel great!! I dieted realistically, so I don’t feel overworked, or deprived of any certain food! And I’m def not hungry.

Back to the gym today! And I’m taking my sis Rachael with me! This should be fun!!!


Weight loss journey: Check in #5



Hello peeps!

The next couple of days will be hard…why? Because I have to work. At work all we do it eat, eat, EAT. As a matter a fact, one of my coworkers (one of the best cooks I know) has cooked for us today…country fried steaks, rice with gravy, and broccoli. I won’t be a happy camper because I would love to indulge in all of that goodness.

In addition to that, I can’t work out because my gym will be closed when I get off. Plus…after working a 12 hr shift I don’t really want to go to the gym.

I’ve lost my 4 pounds (5 pounds so far) for the week…so honestly if I don’t lose another pound before Monday I’ll be fine. When I stepped on the scale there was 0 change. I went to Whole Foods (a grocery store that sells foods with little to no preservatives, organic food and stuff like that, they also have a hot line) for a late lunch. I had unbreaded lemon pepper wings, sweet potato with dried cranberries, and broccoli. I also had a small piece of gingerbread. So I ate good and didn’t work out…and still didn’t gain weight…victory

Also this may be TMI….but this diet can constipate you sometimes…which is why I believe I didn’t lose another pound today. When this happens I usually drink prune juice (YUCK) or magnesium citrate (DOUBLE YUCK) but they get the job done ; )




Weight loss journey: Check in #4

Hey ya’ll!!

So okay as stated before my weekly goal is 4 pounds…I lost another pound today…so as of today (Thursday) I’ve lost 5 pounds!! I’m so proud of myself!

One thing I’ve changed this time is, usually when I’m on a diet, I’m super strict. But I noticed when I finished with the diet, I binged on all the foods I couldn’t eat for weeks! This time I’m a teeny weeny bit more lenient. Like yesterday I still worked out but I had somewhat of a “cheat day” I had a piece of fried fish. But because of how I’ve been eating…I was so full after that. With that being said..don’t go losing all self control on your cheat day. Just do a little something to ease the cravings and make the diet a little more realistic.

I had to giggle at this picture my boyfriend sent me. Because when we go in the store…”diet” just doesn’t seem to click right with him. He’ll be like “Let’s get this chocolate cake, it’s made with whole grain…that’s good for you right?” LOL but it’s STILL chocolate cake!!! Love that guy to pieces!! LOL



Weight loss journey: Check in #3

Good morning you guys. Got on the scale this morning. I’ve lost 1.2 lbs since yesterday! Victory.

As you all know it’s hard to diet when you are living with a significant other who isn’t doing the same. So I have to do a little compromising sometimes to make our meals work for both of us (cause I’m not cooking two meals LOL) So dinner yesterday was crockpot turkey (with onion, peppers and cream of mushroom DOH!), greens, and sweet potato. The cream of mushroom is kind of pushing it when it comes to the paleo diet but hey.

In the gym…I kinda of half did it. I was so sore but I still got it in. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill

Also yesterday my boyfriend and I went to HMart for the first time (actually it was a Super HMart) we got plenty of cheap fruit and vegetables. Very interesting place!! And of course I had to try one two Korean cookies.

Considering all these things…1.2 lbs lost is a huge victory!!

This was me yesterday


Found an old dress that I never really cared for because of how it fit. But it was perfect yesterday! As for my hair ladys…I twisted my hair im the front (the same way you’d do a cornrow) and then put on one of my old half wigs. I may do a video on another day!

Have a fantastic day you guys!!


Weight loss journey: Check In #2

Hey ya’ll so as you know yesterday I started back on my diet. I’m doing sort of a paleo type of deal with a few edits. Yesterday I drank water and a little apple juice. Had a light breakfast. For dinner I had collard greens, sweet potato, and baked chicken. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill alternating between walking and running.

So this may not work for everyone, but I weigh myself every morning because I have to see the progress in numbers to stay motivated until I can actually see the weight loss on myself. Well anyway yesterday was a victory because when I hopped on the scale this morning I have lost 2.6 lbs. Thats one hell of a day one!!!

This is a big victory for me because last night my boyfriend and I were going to go out to the club which for me = fried wings +alcohol. So glad we chose to stay home and watch a movie instead!